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Young radical feminists (35 or younger)

I'm going to compile an informal listing of radfems under 35 (born post-1970) because academia (or as Mary Daly would say: academentia) thinks or hopes us folk are going the way of the dinosaur.

So if you're a rad fem born 1970 or later, could I get a comment? Just give your username, or a nickname, or your real name. And if you know any authors, singers, activists, etc. who are radfem and under 35, could you give us their name. And maybe a little bio for both categories if you like, or a wee manifesto or whatnot.  And do you/your rad fems you list identify as 2nd or 3rd wave?

This is not meant to belittle older radfems in any wany, shape, or form. They're more than welcome to comment too, but please state you're older than 35, so i don't count you as a "young" rad fem.

Also, please post this other rad fem/feminist communities, blogs, etc. Let's get this thang going!


Please post links to resources for feminists. We need them for the info page.
Articles of all sorts would be great.

Also, the community needs more "interests". You may not like the ones I've placed there. Let's discuss interests as well as good articles.

Need ideas for the "links" section.

And, we need an icon.

-- The mod (hopefully soon to be a co-mod)